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Created by Geoffrey Rodrigue




Real Name: Jack Nixon

Aliases: Slapjack

Identity: Classified Top Secret

Occupation: Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology at Skiffytown University

Citizenship: United States

Place of Birth: Fall River Massachusetts

Known Relatives: Family is deceased except for a sister living in a residential care facility in Auburn MA

Group Affiliation: Top Secret

Education:  Doctorate in Anthropology, and Masters in Archaeology from Boston University.  Graduated Magna Cum Laud Class of 1932

Catch Phrase: It's time to deal some justice!

Height: 5 ft. 10

Weight: 165

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Balding




Jack was born on December  16th, 1906.  His father was a prominent politician, and hoped Jack would go to school for the same thing.  However Jack's love for history and ambition to search for treasure won him his degrees.  He lived a quiet life doing small expeditions with his friend and colleague Nick Sair Hertenrous.  Together they travelled the world in search of mythology and ancient cultures.  Jack and Nick found themselves in a predicament after finding the tomb of Alexander the Great, and Jack was subsequently thrust into the future (our present).  Here Jack helps to locate hidden treasures that are of great value and power.  With his knowledge of folklore, mythology and expertise on antiquities Slapjack helps the US government seek these items.  Whether it be through time travel or here in the present Jack scours the globe for items that, if left in the wrong hands could be used to do harm.  Slapjack is a pulp comic hero from the Golden era of comic books.  Sometimes the stories and situations he finds himself in are dark and violent due to the occult connections he deals with.  To learn more, read his case files.



Powers / Equipment:

Slapjack is equipped with a special armour suit called C.A.I.N. that "adapts" to his environment.  C.A.I.N. stands for Cybernetic Adaptability and Intelligence NanoSuit.  The basis of the suit is run by nano technology.  In any hostile environment the suit can learn from the situation.  This allows Slapjack to be versatile in any environment and gives him the ability to be invulnerable to many harmful things.  A.B.E.L. (Advanced Biometric Electron Linksystem) is the artificial intelligence program that assists Slapjack.  The supercomputer is hooked into the suit itself and is capable of connectiong with trillions of forms of communication and terabytes of information in seconds.  Build with a personality algorythm A.B.E.L can be very sarcastic, but is also one of Slapjack's closest allies.  At A.P.P.R.O.A.C.H , Jack meets a plethora of characters and friends that help him on his journey.  A.P.P.R.O.A.C.H. (Advanced Personell Projects Research Operations And Control Headquarters) is the secret goverment program and facility Slapjack works for. Although not considered super strength by some of his peers, the suit can modify his stamina, agility and strength to twenty times a normal humans capacity.  It also has the ability to mimic clothing Jack touches called passive camo; This ability can also help Jack blend into his surroundings as well as help him blend into ancient societies of the past.  As his adventures go on Slapjack finds his suit evolving to fit his needs.  He also has a magic ring taken from the tomb of Alexander the Great.  This ring can absorb the clothes he is wearing at the time and replace it with the clothes in his ring.  This is how he maintains his secret identity.  With the need Jack merely says the inscription on the ring (Aperio) and his nano suit is transplanted on him while his regular clothes are tucked away.

The government has helped him with several gadgets still in development.  Slapjack's suit can be programmed with several fighting styles.  Some of these include: Krav Maga, Eskrima, and San Cai Jian.  The suit can also produce projectiles such as returning razor sharp throwing cards or a grapple, to help him out of tight spots.




Slapjack is only as good as when his ring is activated with the nano armour.  Without it he is a normal person, able to be hurt in normal ways.  Since Jack was brought into the future, he also has a hard time catching up with our culture, and often finds himself lost in situations when it comes to current events and technology.

He also has an affinity for gambling, which has gotten him into more trouble than anything.



Known Villian Groups or Evil Secret Societies

The Order of Chaos

The Thule Society

The Illuminati

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn



Known Villians

Dr. Firethorn

Bella Donna



End Game


Nick Sair Hertenrous

"The Don" Tommy Carboni



Known Affiliates


The Skiffytown League of Heroes


Known Allies

General Ed "Fast Eddy" Wilkins

Major Drake Armstrong

The Gatekeeper









Character Rights:

The creator of this character retains all rights to the character's name, image, likeness, costume design, and background story.


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